What are the Options for People to Prevent High Blood Pressure

2016-11-10 18:45

What are the Options for People to Prevent High Blood PressureWhat are the options for people to Prevent High Blood Pressure? According to clinical studies that high blood pressure is a very common reason which is easily lead to kidney damage in most time. So that prevent hypertension is a vital way to prevent kidney disease in some degree. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

What are the prevent options in daily life for most people?

1. Take less sugary drinks. The study found that if your drink contains a large number of glucose and fructose, will greatly increase the risk of high blood pressure. Fructose intake of more than 74 grams a day, the blood pressure will rise. And so, had better choose sugar-free drinks. Fructose intake of more than 74 grams a day, the blood pressure will rise.

2. Try the best to reduce drinking. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol may lead to hypertention, and heart rate increase fast, vasoconstriction, blood pressure increase, emotional, cause cerebral hemorrhage.

3. Add Calcium and potassium. Potassium can prevent blood pressure caused by the high salt intake, is more significant antihypertensive effect for the early high blood pressure, by adding potassium intake is beneficial to the excretion of sodium, calcium and potassium supplement all have the effects of reduce blood pressure.

4. Eat a small amount of garlic. 4 petals of garlic a day can be well balanced of cholesterol, blood pressure protection.

5. Don't take too much salt. Epidemiological investigation showed that the more salt the more hypertensive patients in this area. Away from high blood pressure, therefore, must first to control salt intake, the world health organization recommends, 5 grams per day per person will be enough.

For patients with high blood pressure now, besides these options in daily life that necessary treatment for patients is also necessary. Chinese medicine have great function for controlling hypertension and diabetes to prevent kidney damage.

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