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How to Treat Hypertensive Nephropathy

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-23 16:49

How to Treat Hypertensive NephropathyHypertensive Nephropathy is second only to diabetes as a leading cause of CKD. Due to the increasing morbidity and mortality and escalating costs associated with end-stage renal disease, effective therapies are needed urgently to maximally control blood pressure so as to delay progression of hypertensive nephropathy to ESRD.

Non-drug treatment

-Limit the intake of sodium and take in proper potassium. Because sodium has the function of increase blood pressure, while potassium is just the reverse.

-Control your weight. Obesity is one of the most important factors which cause high blood pressure. When you reduce your weight properly, your blood pressure will also decrease.

-Stop smoking and drinking. They both have bad effect on blood pressure.

-Regular physical exercise. Such as walking, jogging, swimming, dancing and so on. It can consume energy and reduce blood pressure.

-Reduce your mental stress. Maintain good mentality is also helpful for balancing blood pressure.

Drug treatment

-Western medicine

ACE inhibitors, Beta-blockers, Calcium channel blockers and Diuretics are often prescribed by doctors to lower high blood pressure. Kidney disease can be controlled to certain extent, but it is temporarily. Once stopping taking medicines or reducing the dose, kidney disease relapse immediately. Besides, taking these medicine for a long time, there will be many side effects, such as headache, rash, swelling, diarrhea etc.

-Traditional Chinese Medicine

It has fewer side effects than western medicine.

* Acupuncture. It is to penetrate needles into certain points to block beta-acceptor of sympathetic nerve and stimulate adrenaline-angiotensin system, reaching the goal of lowering high blood pressure.

* Cupping therapy. It is to use cups to be absorbed on your skin, which can help dilate blood vessels. As long as blood vessels has dilated, pressure to blood vessels will reduce.

* Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is to penetrate the powdered Chinese medicine into your kidney through osmosis devices. These Chinese herbs can also dilate blood vessels, and it can repair damaged kidney tissues.


It is a therapy which combines traditional Chinese and western medicine. It can improve your immunity to fight with kidney disease.

Dialysis or kidney transplant

Once kidney failure occurs, you have to start dialysis or prepare for kidney transplant to maintain your life.

There are also other treatment, such as medicated bath, massage, foot bath etc. We should apply different treatments according to the specific condition. If you are interested in these therapies, please contact our online doctors or leave us a message.



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