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Frequent Urination & Hypertensive Nephropathy in Early Stage

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-05 10:01

Frequent Urination & Hypertensive Nephropathy in Early StageFor most of young people,frequent urination may be just caused by too much water. Nevertheless,this case is dangerous for patients with Hypertensive Nephropathy. So why does Hypertensive Nephropathy cause the frequent urination in early stage?

Hypertensive Nephropathy is a kind of secondary disease caused by primary hypertension. Frequent urination is common in early stage. Owing to the long-term history of hypertension, the renal arteriole is damaged,which effects the urine concentration function of kidney tubule. Thus patients usually need to get up in the night to urinate several times,from twice or thrice to five or six times. Besides,as the time and disease go on,the lesions will influence the glomerulus too,which makes the decline of work efficiency of it. Both of these lead to the frequent urination.

Actually,even there is no frequent urination,hypertension patients should take the Urine Test to avoid the Kidney Disease. Due to the chronicity and complexity of Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD),there are no obvious symptoms in the early stage.

What can hypertension patients with Kidney Disease do to protect their kidneys in daily life?

1.It is necessary to limit the intake of salt that mat increase the renal burden or worsen the disease condition. If the patients have been suffering from renal insufficiency,the intake of protein should also be controlled strictly.

2.For patients with Kidney Disease,the use and choose of the medicine are needed to be more careful. Reducing the blood pressure and protecting the kidneys are equally important. It is necessary to follow the doctor's advice.

3. If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure for the first time,you need to take the test of Kidney Disease.

4.Taking the regular Urine Test to prevent the Kidney Disease. When mild edema,bubbles or blood in urine and so on appear,you should go to see a doctor as early as possible.

5.Develop healthy living habits and live a regular life. Moreover,stop drinking and smoking,less meat and proper exercise are beneficial to patients condition.

If you have other question about your disease condition,talk to the live doctor or leave massage on below about your disease condition and we will provide the more detailed and professional guidance for you.

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