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What Does Hypertensive Nephropathy Cause Edema?

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-01 09:23

What Does Hypertensive Nephropathy Cause Edema?There are minor clues that remind people about the damage of their kidneys. Such as the proteinuria,hematuria and edema that are the symbolic symptoms of the renal damage. Here is a brief description of the Hypertensive Nephropathy and the edema.

So what does Hypertensive Nephropathy cause edema?

Hypertensive Nephropathy is a kind of secondary disease caused by hypertension. Actually,some cardiovascular complications caused by primary hypertension is earlier than the renal damage and they are main or key reasons that may effect the patients’ prognosis. But it is difficult to discover the injure inside the body for patients. So edema become the main symptoms that can be found easily.

The long-term high blood pressure will increase the blood pressure and lead to the leakage of protein,which may damage the kidney filtration system and cause a vicious cycle. Then the kidneys will become larger and larger even be failure. As the decline of renal function,the overmuch water,metabolite and toxin can not be eliminated,which makes the whole system can not be kept in balance. And then the the too much water may accumulate in tissue space or body cavity,leading to slight edema. As the time and disease go on,the degree of swelling will become worse and worse.

So it is necessary to patients to take early inspection and treatment. Because the timely and effective treatment can control and relieve the symptoms largely,even reverse the disease condition and remedy the disease fundamentally. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy provide a better choice for patients with Hypertensive Nephropathy. It can improve the internal environment and offer a better space for kidney repair. Thus the kidney damage can be remedy fundamentally and control the influence of high blood pressure effectively.

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