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Urinate Frequent of Hypertensive Nephropathy, Especially at Night

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-02-02 10:23

One of the Hypertensive Nephropathy Symptoms: Need to Urinate Frequent, Especially in the NightHaving urine in the night frequently is no reason to go toilet. Frequent urine in the night indicates that you may suffer from high blood pressure and the other symptoms are very normal. Any problems or doubts about your own or our therapies, please ask our ONLINE DOCTOR directly for free.

Of course, urine increasing has many other reasons to exclude.

The abnormal phenomenon of urinating occurs, especially in the night frequently, which is related to the kidney lesion. The level of renal lesions is connected to blood pressure levels and the time of disease course. Patients of uncontrolled blood pressure may occur the kidney lesion in the different levels, for example, kidney’s slight arteriosclerosis, lumen narrowing and even blocking, causing kidney lack of blood, fibrosis and atrophy. Kidney has strong compensation, so in the early stage patients has not any clinical symptoms.

With the progress of illness, patients may occur to proteinuria and hematuresis and urine specific gravity. If patients’blood pressure can not control and lesion deteriorate. Finally kidney will lose the function of compensatory and its function of concentration damages. Because patients in the bed made the kidney blood to increase in the night, which it caused polyuria. Therefore this is the early clinical manifestation of high blood pressure and kidney disease. 

Apart from checking blood pressure regularly, patients with nocutria must pay attention to high blood pressure. This group should attach emphasis on urine check and we can find whether exist kidney damage or not.

Of course, patients need to urinate in the dark frequently, which has many reasons such as prostate fatten, urine tract infection, diabetes and take some medicine. But clinically the usually reasons are caused by the kidney damages.

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