Is Kiwifruit Good for Hypertensive Nephropathy Patients

2013-11-06 16:57

Is Kiwifruit Good for Hypertensive Nephropathy PatientsKiwifruit, also known as the Chinese gooseberry, has been declared by some to be one of the world’s most nutritionally perfect foods. And it often appears in our appetizers in salads, fish, meat dishes, puddings, cakes and pies. Is it good for Hypertensive Nephropathy patients?

Nutrient values in kiwifruit

It is rich in vitamin, potassium, dietary fiber, and magnesium. It contains low amount of sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat.

Healthy Benefits of kiwifruit:

1. Boost immunity: kiwifruit emerges from our food ranking system as an excellent source of vitamin C. It is the primary water-soluble antioxidant in the body, neutralizing free radicals that can cause damage to cells and lead to problems. That is to say, eating kiwi can helps you improve your immunity. As long as your immunity improves, you have ability to fight with your disease.

2. Manage blood pressure: kiwifruit contains much potassium. Potassium plays a major role in body cells by keeping the body fluids and electrolyte in balance, and blood pressure by countering effects of sodium. Once blood pressure is under controlled, you condition will improve.

3. Control weight: kiwi’s high fiber and low cholesterol and saturated fat means it has this function. We know obesity is a cause of high blood pressure. Controlling your weight is helpful for managing blood pressure.

4. Clear toxins: the fiber of kiwi helps bind and move toxins from your intestinal tract so as to reduce the workload of kidneys.

5. Other benefits: promote healthy skin, boost heart and cardiovascular health, prevent anemia etc.


There is a measurable amount of oxalates, a naturally occurring substance in many plants. When it is too concentrated in body fluids, they can crystallize and cause health problems. Therefore, you should limit the intake of kiwifruit everyday. If you do not know how much you can consume, you can consult our online doctors. They can make a personalized diet for you.

Whether kiwifruit is good or not, it should depend on your exact kidney condition. Unhealthy diet will only accelerate your illness, so much attention should be paid to daily diet. Hope you live a healthy life!

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