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A Scientific Diet for Hypertensive Nephropathy

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-23 16:54

A Scientific Diet for Hypertensive NephropathyA scientific diet for Hypertensive Nephropathy plays an important role in reducing blood pressure and slowing down the progression to kidney failure. Here are some diet suggestions for Hypertensive Nephropathy.

Low sodium

Reducing the intake of sodium is conductive to lower blood pressure and retention of water. Usually, the daily intake of sodium should be limited within 6g. You should avoid canned food, snack food, condiments etc.

Low sugar

Sugar can transform into fat and accumulate in the blood vessels, so low-sugar diet can be beneficial to the prevention of arteriosclerosis.

High potassium

Potassium can be used to balance sodium and regulate blood pressure. If patients still have normal kidney function, high potassium is suggested. Food rich in potassium are: tomato, celery, soybean, banana, kiwi fruit etc.

High quality protein

Too much intake of protein can increase the workload of kidney and cause further damage. If not, it will influence the supply of nutrient. Therefore, the acceptable daily intake should be made according to the condition of kidney. And high quality protein is suggested, such as egg white, milk, fish, lean meat etc.

High vitamin

Taking in adequate vitamin, especially vitamin B, helps to regulate our metabolism. Food rich in high vitamin are: orange, apple, pepper, carrot, broccoli etc.

Proper calories

It helps to maintain a healthy body weight.

A suitable amount of tea

Tea polyphenol can soften blood vessels and be anti-inflammatory.

In China, there are some folk prescriptions of dietotherapy for Hypertensive Nephropathy, such as hawthorn porridge, carrot porridge, kiwi fruit porridge and so on. It does not only tastes delicious, but also has function of lowering blood pressure. Maybe you can have a try. If you are interested, our online doctors can tell you more about them.

Different patients may have different conditions, so you had better analyze your own diet under the doctors’ instruction and then make a scientific diet plan.


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