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Creatinine 5.4 Induced by Chronic Kidney Disease How to Lower It

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-08-09 19:12

Creatinine 5.4 Induced by Chronic Kidney Disease How to Lower ItMy 68 year old father's creatine is 5.4 and had swelling in his body, 2 weeks before he went to hospital and now no swelling, so i want to know how can it be reduced ?

Usually doctor will recommend dialysis which is one of the common cure method to reduce the high creatinine, but it just can reduce it in a short time, after stoping it, the creatinine level will back soon. What’ s worse, it may make the kidney function worse, at last lost totally. So people are looking for some alternative therapies which can help to reduce it and the better thing is to improve the kidney function in some way.

Here i recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, it can help to reduce the high creatinine level naturally, at the same time to prevent further damage to your kidney. What is more, with the help of this therapy, the kidney function have a chance to goes better. It is a kind of unique Chinese medicine external application treatment, by applying the herbal bags with Chinese medicine active material on the patient’s back, paralleling his kidney, shen shu acupoint to improve kidneys’ micro-circulation and restore the damaged kidney function effectively.

Diet also can help to lower it and without any side effect, so it is necessary to make a diet plan under the construction of the doctor or nutritionist. Of course, if you need any help you can leave messages or consult our online doctor.

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