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GFR 36 with Creatinine 182: What Is the Best Treatment Option

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-06-01 15:36

Glomerular filtration rate( GFR) and creatinine are two major parameters in measuring how well kidneys are functioning. Based on GFR, chronic kidney disease(CKD) can be divided into 5 stages. What is the best treatment for a person with GFR 36 and creatinine 182?

GFR 36 with creatinine 182

A person with GFR 36 is in stage 3 CKD. In this stage, the kidneys are just impaired in moderation. Due to the compensatory capacity of kidneys, most of the patients in this stage do not show any serious discomforts and symptoms. Also it is asymptomatic, nearly all patients do not pay much attention to it.

Stage 3 CKD with GFR 36 and creatinine 182 is a very critical treatment chance. Once it develops into stage 4 CKD, a myriad of symptoms will come out like fatigue, swelling, anemia etc. In advanced stage, the renal function will deteriorate more rapidly.

However, in stage 3 CKD, most patients just have some treatments to control the symptoms just like their doctors told them. As a result, most of the patients will end up with end stage renal disease(ESRD).

What is the best treatment for GFR 36 with creatinine 182?

In stage 2-3 stage of CKD, the disease stays in fibrosis stage and the kidneys have not become scarred. If the fibrosis process can be stopped, the renal function will stop declining further.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the best treatment for GFR with creatinine 182. This therapy can suppress the inflammatory response in kidneys and stop the fibrosis process. By controlling the root cause of the kidney impairment, this therapy can improve the renal function and the overall health condition. When the kidneys function better, GFR level will increase and creatinine level will decrease.


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