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What Can Patients Eat with High Creatinine ?

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-03 13:58

What Can Patients Eat with High Creatinine ?As we all know, high creatinine signifies that the kidneys are damaged badly. So the principle of the healthy diet of high creatinine patients is not aggravate the burden of the kidney.

1.Limit salt intake.

Generally speaking,when patients are in the renal insufficiency compensatory or azotemia period,some minor clinical symptoms are occurring. But owing to the pathological moderate injury,patients can be offered a low salt intake or no salt-free diet based on the disease condition.

2.The high quality protein intake

When patients suffered from the renal insufficiency,the intake of protein should be limited. A high quality protein is beneficial to patients in this stage. Such as the lean meat,fish,milk and so on. Besides, soy food are limited to eat.

3.The intake of Vitamin

The patients with high creatinine can choose the food rich in Vitamin A,Vitamin B2,Vitamin C.

what should be noted here is that if the patients just have high creatinine and no anuria or edema,the intake of water and salt is tolerable. However,if the patients have appeared the severe edema,high blood pressure even the heart failure,the salt should be forbidden strictly.

Besides,patients should also pay attention to the limit of smoking and drinking. Because the smoking and drinking will damage the kidneys and blood vessel,worsen the renal disease. So both normal of abnormal renal function patients with high creatinine must shop smoking and drinking to avoid the more damage to kidneys.

So for high creatinine patients,taking a healthy diet is good for their body. And the healthy can do much to control the disease condition. Nevertheless,to slove the renal problem is to take the timely treatments. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy offers a better choice to Kidney Disease patients with high creatinine. It can remedy the disease fundamentally to relieve the symptom effectively.

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