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How to Lower the High Creatinine to Renal Disease Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-26 10:45

How to Lower the High Creatinine to Renal Disease PatientsClinically,the level of creatinine in blood is the main method to detect the renal function. For most renal disease patients,they care deeply for their creatinine level because the level of creatinine is closely related to their illness condition.

If you have taken the creatinine test,your doctor may prescribe some medicine to you,such as diuretics,aixite and ketosteril,etc. These medicine can be used to increase the creatinine excretion or decrease the formation of creatinine ,so as to low the high creatinine. What’s more,these medicine can not cure the high creatinine level fundamentally. Thus you can take the natural therapy that can not only reduce the creatinine level but also protect the remaining renal function largely.

1.Herbal tea

For patients with high creatinine,coffee,alcohol and strong tea are forbidden to take. Besides pure water,some moderation of herbal tea is beneficial to patients condition,like corn silk tea and chamomile tea that help reduce serum creatinine levels in kidney.

2.Natural herb

Compared with Western Medicine.natural herbs have less side-affects that may worsen the patients condition,such as astragalus,motherwort,eucommia can decrease the high creatinine level by increase the GFR or slow down the formation of creatinine.

3.Food therapy

If your renal function are still higher,the food rich in potassium can be eaten more,such as bitter gourd, white gourd, banana and watermelon that can help increase the urine output and take away more creatinine. If your kidneys have been damaged severer,some food that can protect your kidneys are needed. For example,blueberry,cranberry and so on,are good choice.(Since the words are limited here,you can leave a message to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com if you want to get a food list for lowering your creatinine level.)

4.Medicated Bath

Besides,Medicated Bath can enhance the patients’ immune system,increase the excretion of skin and improve the blood circulation,thus it is known as the good remedy to renal disease patients with high creatinine.

There are many other treatments can help patients to cure the high creatinine,but not all of them are suitable for each patient. To take charge of your health,please leave messages about your disease condition on below,so we can offer the proper treatment for you.


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