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Does Creatinine 8.6 Mean Kidney Transplant

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-15 10:15

Does Creatinine 8.6 Mean Kidney TransplantCreatinine 8.6 is much higher than the normal value. For kidney patients, too high creatinine level always suggests them to begin dialysis or do kidney transplant. Does creatinine 8.6 mean kidney transplant?

As for this question, different people have different answers. You can judge which one is right by yourself.

Some people believe kidney transplant is a must for people with creatinine 8.6.

High creatinine level results from the reduction of kidney function, and most often, the lower kidney function level, the higher creatinine level. Creatinine 8.6 means patients’ kidney disease has developed into end stage kidney disease (ESRD). To make patients live a brand new life and get rid of dialysis, these patients should consider kidney transplant and do it if they have a chance. This is because a successful kidney transplant can give a less restricted diet and lifestyle for ESRD patients than dialysis.

Other people think patients with creatinine 8.6 can live without kidney transplant.

Creatinine is just one indicator of kidney condition, so it shouldn’t be the only index for kidney transplant. On one hand, kidney transplant is more likely to cause rejection reaction and some other risks during or after the operation. On the other hand, although kidney transplant is done successfully, patients need to take anti-rejection medications for the rest of the life. Therefore, if patients with creatinine 8.6 don’t have serious complications, patients had better try to use some effective treatments to repair their damaged kidney cells and improve their life quality largely.

As introduced by kidney experts, some alternative treatments indeed can help kidney failure patients get rid of kidney transplant and dialysis. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, Polluted Blood Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy can help different patients to rebuild their kidney structure, let alone lowering high creatinine level. Tell us your illness condition by sending email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com, so we can help you determine which one can help you get rid of kidney transplant.


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