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Is It OK to Eat Shellfish with High Creatinine Level

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-12 16:49

Is It OK to Eat Shellfish with High Creatinine LevelShellfish is always said to be a healthy food for most healthy people. But for people with high creatinine level, is it OK to eat shellfish? The opinions are various.

The reason why you can eat shellfish with high creatinine level

-High quality protein is often recommended for kidney patients, for it produces less wastes and does not increase the burden on kidneys. Shellfish is such a protein.

-Shellfish contains omega-3 fatty acid, which can lower cholesterol level and prevent blood clot from forming, thereby reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease.

-Shellfish is also full of vitamins and zinc, which can boost your immune system and protect you from various disease.

-Rich iron in shellfish can improve anemia associated with kidney disease.

-Calcium and magnesium in shellfish can prevent renal osteopathy.

High creatinine level is often caused by kidney function impairment. These benefits can help improve kidney function so as to remove more creatinine from the body.

The reason why you can not eat shellfish with high creatinine level

Shellfish allergies are among the most common of food allergies. The reaction varies from swelling to diarrhea, and sometimes they tend to threaten your life. If allergic, you should stay away from shellfish, for the irritability may aggravate your state of illness and accelerate the progression to end stage of kidney disease. However, there are many other replacement food of shellfish, such as flaxseed oil, canola oil and soy oil, which are the oils with the most omega-3s and fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins.

In order to live more healthily, you had better consult your doctor before adding shellfish to your diet. If you have any other questions about your diet, our online doctors can help you make a wise decision.


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