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Is Creatinine 271.6 Critical

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-27 13:49

Is Creatinine 271.6 CriticalCreatinine, one muscular waste, is filtered out by kidneys, so creatinine level in blood is one clinical indicator for kidney function. For healthy adults, creatinine level ranges stably. Creatinine 271.6 is higher than normal value, and it may reveal kidney problem. Is creatinine 271.6 critical or dangerous?

Is creatinine 271.6 a sign of kidney disease?

Chronic Kidney Disease is one leading cause of high creatinine level, but it isn’t the only one cause. From your doctor, you can know creatinine is generated from creatine during muscle metabolism. Therefore, high creatinine level may be due to the following conditions, including:

- Do excessive strenuous exercise

- Dehydration due to fever, lack of fluid or sweating

- Decline of blood flow within kidneys during polyuria stage

- Floated high blood pressure

- Side effects of some medications

If creatinine 271.6 is due to the above causes, modification of diet and lifestyle, correct medications and home remedies are able to lower high creatinine level. In this case, creatinine 271.6 isn’t critical.

If creatinine 271.6 is due to kidney disease, you should pay highly attention to.

If blood tests show creatinine level is due to renal insufficiency, treatments should be able to not only lower creatinine level but also protect remaining kidney cells and improve kidney function. From this point, diet and lifestyle modification isn’t enough to achieve our goals. Thereby, some systemic treatments are needed, according to patients’ illness condition.

Medicated Bath, Acupuncture, Circle Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Blood Purification, etc, are taken accordingly. As for which treatment is suitable for certain patient, creatinine is only one indicator. Therefore, you had better describe your illness condition in detail for your doctor or doctor online. I believe they can give you helpful suggestions for you.


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