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Is Right That Lower Indicators Confirm Kidney Improvement

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-10-30 10:05

Lower Indicators,Kidney ImprovementFor all kinds of early nephropathy, if we only pay attention to the control of urinary protein, occult blood, white blood cells, pustules, and simply reduce the indicators, but not to treat the causes of kidney disease, eventually there will be a decline in renal function, a large number of toxins in the blood accumulation, blood creatinine, urea nitrogen rising.

Traditional treatment methods believe that as long as the serum creatinine, urea nitrogen test indicators decreased, kidney disease was controlled. So patients were given oral Aixite, starch, Niaoduqing, Jinshuibao, Shenshuaining and other intestinal detoxification drugs, used to reduce creatinine, urea nitrogen.

However, the function of the severely diseased kidneys is neglected and repaired. While taking these drugs, the kidneys will also be infringed by a large number of drugs. The function of the kidneys will deteriorate rapidly, thus losing a very valuable opportunity for treatment.

Patients with severe anemia, frequent vomiting, can not eat, anorexia, high blood pressure, urine significantly reduced, sleep can not lie on their back, chest tightness and suffocation and other symptoms of uremia.

Western medicine believes that if uremic patients start hemodialysis, it is impossible to get rid of, but the fact is not the same. Because each person's primary disease is different, causes and causes of uremia are not exactly the same. If we can take effective measures to cure the primary disease and remove the inducement, it is entirely possible to get rid of hemodialysis.

Before hemodialysis, many patients have long-term stability, serum creatinine and urea nitrogen are relatively stable, not to the extent that dialysis is indispensable, the remaining renal function is still considerable, but often due to cold, fever, lung infection, diarrhea enteritis, urinary infection, poor control of hypertension, trauma or with others. Dispute, emotional agitation, or work fatigue without attention to rest, leading to deterioration of the disease and dialysis.

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