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Creatinine 212.85: Should I Contact The Doctor

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-21 10:25

Question: My creatinine level is 212.85 umol/L. Now, I am 58 years old and I have a history of high blood pressure. Since my creatinine rises to 212.85 umol/l, should I contact the doctor and accept some treatment?

Creatinine 212.85: Should I Contact The DoctorAnswer: Creatinine, one muscle metabolic waste product, is excreted by kidneys. Generally speaking, the formation amount of creatinine is stable, so the level of creatinine in the blood is mainly determined by kidney excretion. Our kidneys have strong compensatory ability, so they can play their function normally with one functioning kidney. Therefore, high creatinine level is more likely to indicate a part of kidney function is damaged.

Normally, creatinine level ranges from 44 to 133 umol/L. When creatinine level is above 133 umol/L, it indicates kidney inflammatory stage. When it is higher than 186umol/L, it reveals renal injury stage. Creatinine 212.85 is higher than 186umol/L, so it means your kidney function is damaged to some extent. Therefore, you had better contact your doctor or the doctor online to see how serious your illness condition is.

To lower your creatinine level, we recommend some treatments.

- Western or Chinese medicine: Both in western medicine and Chinese medicine, there are various kinds of detoxification methods that can help kidneys to eliminate more creatinine and waste products. For example, ketosteril and Astragalus membranaceus are used commonly to lower creatinine level.

- Enema therapy: Compared with the above medicine, this therapy aims at increasing the excretory amount of intestinal tract, so as to reduce the burden on kidneys.

- Medicated Bath: Without any side effect, Medicated Bath can not only help remove more waste products and toxins but also protect remaining kidney functioning tissues and improve patients’ blood circulation.

Different patients need different treatment option. Leave more information about your illness condition in the below form, so kidney experts here can give you some personalized suggestions.


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