Chinese Herbs Replace Dialysis to Reduce Creatinine 230

2018-01-16 11:30

Chinese Herbs Replace Dialysis to Reduce Creatinine 230When creatinine reaches to 230, most patients do nothing but waiting to accept dialysis when it reaches to 707. However, is there no other way to reduce creatinine 230 except for dialysis? Chinese herbs replace Kidney Dialysis to reduce creatinine 230.

I do believe majority of patients had years of CKD know that the underlying cause of dialysis is not High Creatinine Level 707 but a series of complications. If patients do not have cardiovascular system disease, hyperkalemia and other serious complications, simply high creatinine level does not need dialysis. In turn, if you have serious complications, even if creatinine level is not high, you still need dialysis.

The most important thing for patients is that to protect renal function. All treatments should focus on protecting the residual renal function from further damage and improving patients’ life to prolong their expectancy.

Chinese herbs are widely used in Beijing tongshantang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. The experts have developed a set of natural and effective therapies based on Chinese herbs, including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Chinese herbal medicated bath, Chinese herbal foot bath, Chinese herbal oral medicine, Steaming therapy, etc.

These Chinese herbal medicines can expand blood vessels and improve blood circulation to accelerate the secretion of creatinine and restore some of renal detoxification function. Patients whose creatinine is less than 707umol/L must avoid the causes of elevated creatinine like serious dehydration, overwork, long-term uncontrolled proteinurina and hematuria, infection, etc to well protect residual renal function.

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