What Should We Do Now to Control Creatinine 6.6

2017-10-06 11:02

What Should We Do Now to Control Creatinine 6.6“My father’s Creatinine level has reached 6.6. So what should we do now to control it?” High Creatinine Level 6.6 is much higher than normal level, but Kidney Dialysis still can be avoided if possible.

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High creatinine level 6.6 and kidney dialysis

In generally, our kidney has strong compensatory ability to function. For elevated high creatinine level 6.6, it stands for your kidneys have been damaged seriously and more than half of kidney functions have been lost.

Kidney dialysis is commonly used to remove extra creatine out of the body effectively and quickly to lower high creatinine level. But for these damaged kidney tissues and kidney inherent cells, it can do nothing but cause further damage with dialysis treatment.

What should do to control creatinine 6.6?

In order to control creatinine 6.6 and lower it naturally and effectively, the most underlying method is to repair the damaged kidney tissues and inherent cells so as to make kidney itself works again.

In China, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, systematic Toxin-Removing Treatment has been applied to help thousands of patients from home and abroad more than 148 countries. This therapy contains a variety of Chinese medicine treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. They are aiming at cleansing blood to build up a good blood environment for increasing the next medications and repairing kidney damage as well as improving renal function from the root. The Chinese medicines can expand blood vessels, improve blood circulation, degradation, prevent inflammation and coagulation, and provide enough nutrients and oxygen to kidneys so as to stimulate kidney self-healing.

All in all, in order to control high creatinine level increasing or lower it naturally aside from dialysis, repairing kidney lesion as well as improving renal function is the most important.

What should we do to control creatinine 6.6? The above is the answer. If you are interested in systematic Toxin-Removing Treatment replacing dialysis, you can leave a message below or email medical reports and phone number to us.

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