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How to Control High Creatinine Level 5.1 in IgA Nephropathy

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-09-27 11:16

How to Control High Creatinine Level 5.1 in IgA Nephropathy"Recently I have found my GFR has come down to 19 and the doctor told me that I might have IgA Nephropathy, my Creatinine became double around 5.1 and BUN also increased. How do I control BUN and Creatinine 5.1?"

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In IgA Nephropathy, the High Creatinine Level 5.1 is caused by the damaged kidney filtration function. There must be a lot of impurities like creatine and blood urea nitrogen build up in the blood which can not only damage the kidney tissues and kidney cells but also counteract the medication effects you taken. That is why most people complained their medications work nothing for their illness condition.

To be honest, the underlying cause of high creatinine level is the damaged kidneys, so treatment you take should focus on repairing the kidney damage from the root so as to improve your renal function to let kidney works effectively.

Chinese medicine has a long history in the world and has been proven to be effective to treat disease naturally and fundamentally. In China, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, we use a series of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments to solve kidney problem.

Toxin-Removing Treatment, a systematic therapy term, can help you effectively repair kidney damage and improve renal function, which contains Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated bath, Foot Bath Therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine therapy, Cupping therapy, Acupuncture, etc. Several therapies will be used together to increase the therapeutic effects.

Take Medicated Bath as an example. When the kidney failure patients are soaking in the hot medical bath, their pores of their whole body will open, so the active Chinese medical ingredients will immerging to the tissues and blood vessels. Under the stimulating of our Chinese medicine, a lot of the blood toxin and waste will be discharged out of the body with the form of sweat. At the same time, the Chinese medicine will repaired the damaged kidney cells and tissues, so they can work for the patients again. With the improving of the kidney function, the discharging waste ability of the kidney will improve. High creatinine level 5.1 and High BUN Level can be reduced naturally.

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