How to Decrease the Levels of Creatinine in Body

2017-08-07 10:20

How to Decrease the Levels of Creatinine in BodyIn general, Creatinine is classified to serum creatinine and urine creatinine, in which the former is used to measure the renal function. For High Creatinine Level 4.9, it is higher than the normal level. How to decrease the level of creatinine 4.9 in body?

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What does the level of creatinine 4.9 mean?

The reference level of creatinine is 0.5 to 1.2 in general. It is obvious to see that creatinine 4.9 is greatly higher than normal range. It has something to do with the decreased renal function. Some symptoms you may experience such as Swelling, Proteinuria, high blood pressure, etc.

Thereby it is urgent to take prompt and effective therapy for decreasing High Creatinine Level 4.9 and improving renal function. Otherwise, once kidney function decreases persistently, Kidney Dialysis will be needed soon.

How to decrease the level of creatinine 4.9 in body?

High creatinine level is caused by the decreased glomerular filtration rate that measures the blood volume via kidney. When less blood flow to kidney, a large amount of impurities will build up in blood including creatine, causing high creatinine level.

So the primary goal of decreasing high creatinine level is to increase the blood flow to kidney, repair the kidney lesion and improve renal function from the root.

Toxin-Removing Treatment is recommended strongly. It is an effective and systematic therapy that contains a series of TCM treatments such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy that dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation, increase blood flow volume to secrete the wastes in blood, and provide nutrients and oxygen to kidney. Through a period of treatment, the active ingredients of Chinese medicines can stimulate the impaired renal tissues’ self-repairing and improve renal function.

All in all, repairing kidney lesion and improving renal function is the most important for decreasing high creatinine level. If you want to know more details, please send test reports and phone number to our email box or leave message in the below. We will provide professional information for you.


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