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Lower High Creatinine Level before It Is Too Late

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-07-20 11:05

Lower High Creatinine Level before It Is Too Late,Toxin-Removing TreatmentP: My Creatinine level is high and I wish to lower it before it is too late. I need clarification on what could be wrong.

I have been put on amilodipine and Lisinopril with vasoprin and atrovastatin to control my blood pressure and cholesterol levels but after my legs become swollen and amilodipine was replaced with a moduretic, but the Swelling of legs persist. And my blood test revealed High Creatinine Level.

Kidney-Expert: According to your explanation, I learn about you have taken so many western medicines to control high blood pressure and other symptoms, but gradually swelling appears and Creatinine level also elevates.

As a matter of fact, swelling is one of the side effects of western medicines at the same time it also means your kidney is damaged seriously.

P: Yes, I want to get a GOOD and SAFE option of lowering the creatinine level. Please advice me.

Kidney-Expert: Traditional Chinese Medicines are healthy and safe because they are processed from nature. Through years of clinical experience, our renal experts have invented a series of natural treatments, collectively called Toxin-Removing Treatment.

As we all know, the occurrence of high creatinine level and swelling is caused by damaged kidney, thus repairing kidney tissues and improving renal function is the most underlying action. In this way, kidney works again and extra fluids and creatinine will be discharged. The symptoms you have will be relieved from the root.

Our Toxin-Removing Treatment exactly meets the above goals. More details we can contact by email or phone and WhatsApp, can you tell me your contact ways?

P: Thanks deeply, it is ok. I will wait for your early response, doctor.

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