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What Is the Life Span of People with Creatinine 766

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-04-06 17:32

What Is the Life Span of People with Creatinine 766All Kidney Disease patients will suffer from High Creatinine Level due to damaged kidney and decreased kidney function. Creatinine 766 is a dangerous level. The life span of people with Creatinine 766 is also a major concern for patients. Well the, what is the answer?

To be frankly, the answer of this question is uncertain due to various factors, such as age, gender, personal habits, physical condition, etc.

What does creatinine 766 refer to?

Creatinine 766 means people in ESRD stage. In this stage, as high levels of toxins and wastes build up in body, multiple organs and systems are involved. Heart disease, nerve damage, brain disease etc can be life-threatening conditions. Many patients do not die of Kidney Failure itself, but the associated complications. If the patients are on Kidney Dialysis, infection is a significant death cause for them.

The life expectancy for people who have a successful Kidney Transplant will be longer than those on maintenance dialysis. The average life expectancy of a person on hemodialysis is less than 3 years. However, some patients may be able to live for more than 10 years and even 20 years. What treatment to choose is a major factor in affecting the life expectancy of people with creatinine 766.

Are there other remedies for high creatinine level?

Yes, of course. Apart from dialysis and kidney transplant, systemic Toxin-Removing Treatment can help repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function from the root to prolong the patients’ life span. These treatments include Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Enema Therapy, etc.

Good mood or attitude is very essential during the treatment. So, you must build confidence in defeating the disease and look for treatments positively.

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Hope all kidney disease patients can get suitable treatment and live a higher quality life.


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