Alternative of Dialysis: Toxin-Removing Therapy Lower Creatinine 6.5

2017-02-24 15:16

Alternative of Dialysis: Toxin-Removing Therapy Lower Creatinine 6.5We all know that High Creatinine Level is often considered as an important sign for kidney condition, which means kidney is damaged seriously. Here I introduce Toxin-Removing Therapy as the alternative of Kidney Dialysis lower creatinine 6.5.

When kidney is damaged seriously, there must be too many toxins and wastes in the blood which will cause the further damage for kidney disease patients. Therefore, prompt and effective treatment must be taken to lower High Creatinine Level 6.5.

What does creatinine 6.5 mean?

Creatinine 6.5 is greatly higher than the normal range. In this case, Dialysis is often suggested by many doctors. Because there are large amount of toxins and other harmful substances in the blood, which will cause some serious symptoms or complications, such as nausea, vomiting, skin itching, high blood pressure, Edema, etc.

Dialysis is the quickest way to eliminate the extra toxins and wastes in the blood so that it can relieve some severe symptoms. But it can not repair damaged kidney tissues and cells and restore renal function. Thus patients need do dialysis frequently, which long term will cause some side effects for patients. That is why majority patients want to find an alternative treatment of dialysis.

Toxin-Removing Therapy can be an alternative of dialysis to lower creatinine 6.5

This therapy is designed to repair damaged kidney tissues and cells through eliminating toxins and wastes of blood. It is the characteristic treatment of our hospital.

It can eliminate toxins and wastes of blood to control some serious symptoms. It can also help necessary nutrients and oxygen to kidney so as to increase the self-healing ability of kidney cells. Besides, it can regulate the immune system and increase immunity, preventing the immune reaction and protecting renal function.

Through systemic treatment of Toxin-Removing Therapy, you can improve kidney function effectively and creatinine 6.5 can also be lowered naturally no dialysis.

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