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Is There Any Cure for PKD Patients with Creatinine 8

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-12-27 15:44

Is There Any Cure for PKD Patients with Creatinine 8Polycystic Kidney Disease is regarded as a disorder that affects the kidneys and other organs. Clusters of fluid-filled sacs, called cysts, develop in the kidneys and interfere with their ability to filter waste products from the blood. The growth of cysts causes the kidneys to become enlarged and can lead to kidney failure. Cysts may also develop in other organs, particularly the liver. Is there any cure for PKD patients with creatine 8? May be our ONLINE DOCTOR can give you the answer.

What does the harms of creatinine 8 for PKD patients?

In medicine area, the creatinine is an direct indictor for kidney function and higher creatinine level means less kidney function. And the creatinine 8 is so harmful to the PKD patients, which means patients have lose most of their kidney function, as well as, their condition have worsen to the kidney failure stage. There always be accompany so many painful symptoms, such as swelling, anemia, high blood pressure and so on.

Chinese medical treatment to cure PKD with creatinine 8

In order to deal with the PKD with high creatinine, our hospital have created the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine. The form of these Chinese medicine in this therapy is micro Chinese powders, which can be send to the cysts parts. So the kidney cysts will be absorbed and they will become small and small. Some of the damaged kidney cells and tissues will be repaired by these Chinese medical powders. With the blood vessels be expanded, more and more blood will flow to the weak kidney. And the creatinine 8 will be declined gradually.

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