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Help Reduce Creatinine 900 for Dialysis Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-12-14 10:14

Help Reduce Creatinine 900 for Dialysis PatientsIf you are a kidney disease patient, you must familiar with the Creatinine which is an important sigh of the kidney function. And the creatinine 900 is dangerous number for the kidney disease patients, so they choose to do the dialysis which is a common way to reduce the creatinine. While the result is not satisfactory to them. So they need to seek other treatments to replace the dialysis. Our ONLINE DOCTOR can guide you a lot.

Why the dialysis is not a satisfactory way to reduce creatinine

The dialysis is famous of filtering harmful waste out of body which function just like the kidney. So more and more kidney disease patients choose the dialysis. While everything has two faces, the dialysis also have a lot of disadvantages that you don’t know. Firstly, the dialysis has no ability to improve the kidney function. No matter how many times the patients do the dialysis, the kidney disease will not reversed from the root. Beside that, the dialysis always can bring so many painful side effects to the kidney disease patients, including vomiting, low blood pressure, muscle cramps, fatigue, anemia.

Help reduce creatinine 900 for dialysis patients

There is a good news to you, our Chinese medical treatments not only can help kidney disease patients reduce high cretainine level, but also can help them avoid the dialysis. The “four plus seven” treatment is a famous one in china, which has a great effects to reduce high creatinine. The “four” refers to a bottle of Maikang Composition, an oral Chinese Medicine, a dose of external application and a basin of foot bath with Chinese medicine. “seven” means seven external applications, including Steaming Therapy, Circle Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath, Medicated Bath, Enema Therapy, Frangrance Therapy. We combine these treatments together to expend blood vessels, promote the blood circulation, and enhance the immune system, thus improve kidney function.

If you want to reduce the creatinine 900 and at the same time avoid the dialysis, you can send emails to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com , or add my viber/whatsapp +86 13503211882.


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