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Dangerous be 4.0 Creatinine Level for Kidney Disease Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-19 17:39

Dangerous be 4.0 Creatinine Level for Kidney Disease PatientsWe received a question from a patient’s father, he asked how dangerous would be 4.0 creatinine level for kidney disease patients. His daughter got kidney disease and her creatinine level is 4.0 now, and she also has the symptom of high blood pressure. Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details quickly and directly for free.

As we know, kidneys are important organs for us which have the function of filtering the toxins and wastes in blood, and keep the nutrition balance and electrolyte balance. Once the kidneys are damaged, they cannot work well as normal, and many toxins and metabolites will accumulate in blood which will cause serious symptoms and complications in patients.

Among the metabolites, creatinine is a special one. However, when the kidney function are less than 50%, the creatinine level will be higher than the normal level. So when the creatinine level is 4.0 which is much higher than the normal range of 0.5-1.2, it means that the kidney function is reduced severely.

For kidney disease patients, when the creatinine level reaches 5, they are often recommended to have dialysis, because their impaired kidney function cannot excrete the toxins and metabolites any more. These bad substances accumulated in body will cause the patients experience some serious symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, skin itch or skin rash. All these will affect their life quality.

Therefore, creatinine level 4.0 is dangerous for kidney disease patients, if they don’t have prompt and effective treatment, they will quickly get worse, and live with dialysis all their lives.

It’s better for kidney disease patients with creatinine 4.0 to have effective treatment timely, which will protect their residual kidney function and make them far away from dialysis and kidney transplant.

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