Can Cinnamon Lower Creatinine Level

2013-12-05 16:14

Can Cinnamon Lower Creatinine Level?High creatinine level is always a problem that troubles kidney patients. Because it may be an indicator of kidney disease. As we all know, kidneys are responsible for filtering metabolic wastes out of body. Once there is something wrong with kidneys, these wastes will build up in the body. Creatinine is such metabolic waste. How to lower creatinine level? Many patients turn to natural herbs, such as cinnamon. Can it really lower creatinine level?

Cinnamon is familiar to most of people used as household spice. Few people know its medical value. Today let’s have a look.


The reason why people have kidney disease is that there is inflammation when various toxins invade into kidneys. Cinnamaldehyde in the cinnamon can inhibit the release of arachidonic responsible for the inflammatory response from cell membranes. Thus, it is beneficial for kidney patients. Once inflammation in the kidney disappears, creatinine level decreases.


Clotting can result in inadequate blood flow, which will further worsen kidney disease. Cinnamon works against harmful blood platelet clotting.

Blood sugar control

For patients with high creatinine level, they may also suffer from high blood sugar. Controlling blood sugar is helpful for improving kidney function to filter creatinine. Cinnamon reduces the rise in blood sugar after eating because it slows the rate at which the stomach empties after meals. What is more, it also increases the amount of insulin production and stimulates cells to use glucose effectively. In addition, it lowers bad cholesterol and reduce the proliferation of cancer cells etc.

From the above, we can see cinnamon helps to strengthen weak kidneys and thus increase the evacuation rate of creatinine. However, it does not mean that you can use it to treat high creatinine. It should be decided by your physical condition. You had better talk with your doctor to make sure whether it is suitable for you. If desired, our online doctors can also help you.

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