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Is There Any Treatment to Lower Creatinine Level Other Than Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-05 10:33

Is There Any Other Treatment to Lower Creatinine Level Other Than DialysisQuite a number of patients, on either peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis, complain their creatinine level still raises after several times dialysis. From this point, most of them wonder: Is there any other treatment option to lower high creatinine level other than dialysis?

Is dialysis a must for high creatinine level?

Even though dialysis is able to help damaged kidneys eliminate creatinine from the blood, it doesn’t mean all patients have to begin dialysis as soon as their creatinine level is higher than the normal. In clinic, dialysis won’t be recommended unless serum creatinine level is greater than 5.0mg/dl or their kidney function level is less than 15%. Besides, dialysis isn’t always effective to reduce elevated creatinine level.

If you have the similar experience, please don’t worry. Some other treatment options can help you solve this problem successfully. Try to find which one is suitable for you, with online doctor’s guidance.

Treatment options for high creatinine level other than dialysis

Three treatments are helpful to deal with your problem:

1. Blood purification therapy

It aims at flushing out more and more waste products by purifying blood repeatedly. With the help of various methods such as plasma exchange and immune adsorption, this therapy does help excrete more creatinine out of the body, thus lowering creatinine level.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Different from conventional kidney treatments, this therapy focuses on improving kidney function and fixing damaged kidney cells rather than removing creatinine directly. Depending on an accurate diagnosis, doctors can prescribe correct medicines, which have the property of nourishing blood and activating damaged cells, for patients. Since this therapy is easy performed at both hospital and home, many patients prefer to use it.

3. Immunotherapy

It, compared with dialysis, can help not only increase the creatinine excretion but also remove immune complexes and regulate immune system. Since more than 85% of kidney disease is associated with immune disorder, immunotherapy is suitable for most people with high creatinine level and kidney problem.

Even though the above treatments have an obvious effect on lowering high creatinine level, not all patients can use any of them. To learn which one is available for you, leave a message in the below form. Kidney experts here will give you some suggestions in 24 hours.


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