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How to Control and Reduce High Creatinine in Natural Way

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-10-13 15:06

How to Control and Reduce High Creatinine in Natural WayAlmost all of CKD patients are aware of their renal disease owing to the increased creatinine level from a routine inspection. So even though they did not know what the creatinine is,they are familiar with this word. In general,when we mention a natural way,a healthy diet or a regular living style are commonly used to follow. But for patients with CKD,both of two seem to be not so helpful for patient’s disease. So what can help patients control and relieve patient’s disease condition naturally? Online Doctor can help you learn more details about your disease or the treatments directly and quickly for free.

In clinic,Kidney dialysis is the most widely used measure to delay the worsening of renal lesions and maintain their disease condition. It can replace the impaired kidneys to clear away the excess water,toxin,waste and metabolite,just like creatinine. Thus the level of patient’s serum creatinine will be decreased,which can also reduce their renal burden. But more and more dialysis patients complain their suffering during the long-term dialysis. At the same,

In this case,to choose a natural way to solve your renal problems is significant to prolong your life. Chinese Herb Medicine is not a single treatment,but a series of therapies based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Doctor will apply different natural herbs,different doses and different measures to remedy the renal damage according to patient’s detailed disease condition. Like TCM Enema,Foot Bath,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy ad so on are commonly used to relieve patient’s disease and improve their renal function. By promoting the renal repair and improving renal function fundamentally,high creatinine will be reduced naturally.

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