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Why Does High BUN Level Appear In Patient With Kidney Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-20 09:23

Patient with Why Does High BUN Level Appear In Patient With Kidney Diseasekidney disease often has high BUN level, and it is often a dangerous sign for patent with kidney disease.

What is BUN?

BUN is the abbreviation of blood urea nitrogen. Protein can produce amino acid, and some substances that are decomposed from amino acid will be used to compound urea in liver, in which about half ingredient is nitrogen. Urea nitrogen is a major end metabolic product of protein, and it needs to be filtered out by kidney.

Why does high BUN appear in patient with kidney disease?

Protein will always be taken in, so urea nitrogen will be produced consistently. On the other hand, urea nitrogen will be filtered out persistently by kidney, so the urea nitrogen level in our blood changes in a stable range.

For patient who has high BUN level, it may be a dangerous sign. Our kidney has strong metabolic ability, and patient’s BUN level will not has obvious rise until more than half kidney function is damaged. Thereby, high BUN level may be a sign of severe kidney failure.

But patient do no need to worry too much if he finds he have high BUN, because many factors can affect patient’s BUN level. For example, if patient do not have restriction in his diet, and once he takes foods that contain lots of protein, his BUN level will rise. Besides, if patient loses too much fluid, his BUN level will also rise. But in these conditions, patient’s high BUN level will not exist for a long time, while if patient’s high BUN is caused by kidney failure, this condition will be persistent.

Thereby, if patient with kidney disease find he has a high BUN level, it may be nothing serious, and it can also be a dangerous sign. So to make sure the real condition, patient need to take further examination.

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