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Foods Help to Reduce Urea

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-10 15:44

Foods Help to Reduce UreaBlood urea level is often used as an indicator of kidney function like the creatinine, for kidney is the main organ to discharge urea. When kidneys go wrong, blood urea nitrogen level increase. How to decrease blood urea? Besides the medication, healthy food is also helpful. In the following there is a general introduction to foods that help to reduce urea.

Low protein intake

Urea is the waste produced by the body after metabolizing protein. Therefore, to reduce urea, you should limit the intake of protein. But it does not mean you can not eat protein. Protein is necessary for body. Relatively speaking, high quality protein produces less wastes. When you choose the protein, fish, poultry meat without skin, milk and so on are recommended.

Foods that contain high calories

Protein, fat and carbohydrates are the three sources of body energy. Ensuring the intake of carbohydrates not only helps provide the essential energy, but also decrease the break-down of protein. Food high in carbohydrates includes sugar, sugary cereals, dries fruits, potatoes and so on.

Food that can contains high antioxidants

Food high in vitamins or other antioxidants can neutralize the free radicals that cause damage to the cells, which help you fight with disease. Fresh vegetables and fruits are all beneficial, such as cranberries, kiwi-fruit, onions and peppers.

Other foods

If your edema is not severe, you can take properly fluid to increase the urine output so that more urea is taken away. Some foods are diuretic, especially some tea like Corn silk, nettle leaf, dandelion root, which are also beneficial.

In addition, limit the intake of sodium, potassium, phosphorus and other minerals according to your medical condition.

Healthy diet helps improve kidney function. Once kidney function improves, kidney regains its ability to remove the urea in the blood. If you would like a personalized diet plan, please leave us a message or send email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com.


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