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How to Prevent Weakness from Hemodialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-24 09:07

How to Prevent Weakness from HemodialysisSo many patients on hemodialysis complain that they have annoying weakness during and after dialysis treatment. This is because although hemodialysis can help replace diseased kidneys to work, it can’t be as effective as completely healthy kidneys. Today, we are here to find out how to prevent weakness from hemodialysis.

Why do people on hemodialysis experience weakness?

Generally speaking, three underlying causes can lead to weakness for these patients, including:

- Too much fluid is filtered out: If patients’ weight gains a lot during treatment sessions, additional fluid will be removed in next dialysis treatment. This can cause low blood pressure, dizziness and weakness easily.

- Renal anemia: Secreting erythropoitin (EPO) is one important kidney function, while hemodialysis is unable to produce EPO. Therefore, kidney failure patients suffer from renal anemia easily. Anemia can make patients feel tired and weak all the times.

- Electrolyte imbalance: Hemodialysis can’t remove extra potassium efficiently. If too much potassium builds up in the blood, it is more likely to cause weak muscles, so as to lead to weakness.

How to manage weakness from hemodialysis?

The management methods should depend on the causes. Now, we recommend the following treatment plans.

- Control fluid intake during dialysis sessions: The suitable amount of fluid to drink is to make you feel comfortable. Consult the doctor online to see how much you should drink one day.

- Take some medications: If your weakness is due to renal anemia, you may need to use EPO and chalybeate. As for the dosage, it should depend on the severity of anemia.

- Use Traditional Chinese Medicine: Some Chinese medicines can help repair damaged kidney cells, improve blood circulation and increase kidney function level. When kidney function level increases to 15% and maintains stable, you can get rid of hemodialysis. To know what medicines are good for you, welcome to leave a message below for kidney experts here.


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