hemodialysis is the most commonly used life-sustaining method, but unfortunately, it can cause lots of side effects while helping to purify blood.

    How to Prevent Weakness from Hemodialysis

    So many patients on hemodialysis complain that they have annoying weakness during and after dialysis treatment. This is because although hemodialysis can help replace diseased kidneys to work, it cant be as effective as completely healthy k...

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    How to Counteract Itching Caused by Hemodialysis

    Many people who undergo hemodialysis have itchy skin. It is often becomes worse during or just after the procedure. How to counter itching caused by hemodialysis? Causes of itching The main cause of itching is the building up of phosphorus....

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    High PTH Level for Hemodialysis Patients

    Not all hemodialysis patients suffer from high PTH (parathyroid hormone) level, but some patients on hemodialysis do experience it. If left alone, high PTH level is more likely to cause bone disease, loss of independence and increased risk...

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    How to Ease Headache for Hemodialysis

    Hemodialysis is usually recommended when kidneys cant filter waste products and toxins out effectively or peritoneal dialysis no longer works. However, hemodialysis may induce a series of complications including severe headache. For hemodia...

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    Effects and Side Effects of Hemodialysis

    Hemodialysis is the most common blood purification technic for kidney failure or ESRD patients. When kidneys cant work properly, hemodialysis may be needed to sustain patients life. Meanwhile, hemodialysis also causes some side effects. Tod...

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