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Should I Receive Kidney Transplant with FSGS

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-08 15:41

Should I Receive Kidney Transplant with FSGSIt is said that approximately 1,000 FSGS patients a year receive kidney transplant, but within hours to weeks after a kidney transplant, FSGS comes back in approximately 30-40 % of the patients. Should I receive kidney transplant? Is there any else better treatment than kidney transplant? With these two questions, let’s go on reading.

Why FSGS has such a high rate of recurrence?

When kidneys lose their functions, dialysis and kidney transplant usually become the first two choices. And kidney transplant may be more preferred, for it allows you to live a better life. But kidney transplant is not suitable for everyone. The reason why FSGS returns is that FSGS is an auto-immune disease, though you can take the place of the damaged kidney, you can not change the disordered immune system. As long as the new kidney is put into the body, it will be attacked again. Then does it mean dialysis is better than kidney transplant? No. If you still have urine output and some kidney function, you can take some other treatments into consideration.

Better treatment than kidney transplant

Polluted Blood Therapy becomes favored by more and more kidney patients. Due to the kidney function impairment, wastes and toxins build up in the blood, which damages the blood system. While the polluted blood in turn further damages the kidneys. Therefore, treating the polluted blood is very necessary. A clear blood environment is helpful for the kidney self-healing. Though it can not bring the necrosis kidney back to life, it can repair the injured part and then kidney function improves.

Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies are often used with Polluted Blood Therapy. They help regulate your immune system as well as kidney function.

However, if your kidney function totally loses, you may have to live on dialysis and wait for a kidney transplant. For more information, please leave a message below or contact our online doctors.


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