Can Chinese Herbal Medicines Relieve Stubborn Hematuria With No Relapse

2018-02-19 09:54

Hematuria or blood in the urine, is one of the common symptoms of CKD, indicating that Kidney Patients were severely damaged. How to relieve it Effectively becomes a very important problem. Chinese Medicine remedies are highly recommended.

Hematuria means that renal function is decreasing. Once appears hematuria, they should take right remedies to prevent further Kidney damage. In addition, other symptoms such as high blood pressure, anemia, decreased renal function and proteinuria will affect your condition.

Antibiotics are commonly used to control the hematuria and other symptoms. However, almost all antibiotics have renal toxicity. Most cases of patients with antibiotics do not improve at all. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to find a Medical Professional in a Specialized Hospital for kidney diseases. Today, more and more Foreign patients would love to accept Chinese Medicines for treating kidney disease.

The goals of treatment should focus on Controlling the hematuria or proteinuria, but Focus on the repairing of the damaged glomerular membranes and eliminate toxins and wastes in the body. Beijing Beijing tongshantang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine mainly uses the Toxin-Removing Treatment based on Traditional Chinese medicine to achieve the objectives.

Here we share a group of images on the hematuria comparison before and after the treatment.

At First, the patient's hematuria was very serious. Along with the treatments of Chinese Medicine, the urine became more and more clear.

During a period of treatment to remove toxins, the patient's condition are more and better, he achieve to avoid the complications of hematuria in radically.

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