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Causes of Massive Proteinuria with FSGS Creatinine 3.34

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-04-04 17:55

Causes of Massive Proteinuria with FSGS Creatinine 3.34Proteinuria refers to the lots of protein in urine. There are little protein in urine of healthy person,which will not influence our normal life. However,for most of kidney disease patients,proteinuria is a severe symptom that may worsen patients disease condition. Read this article that may give you more knowledge about the massive proteinuria caused by FSGS. ONLINE DOCTOR can offer you more information quickly for free.

FSGS, written Focal Segmental Glomerulous Sclerosis,is a common cause of massive proteinuria. By renal biopsy,we will see the damage on glomerulus that affects the glomerular filtration function.

Creatinine can be used to check the renal function and it can reflect the renal parenchyma injury more accurately. But it is not a sensitive indicator. It will be increased obviously when GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) drops into normal 1/3. In other words,if patients are diagnosed with high creatinine,their kidneys are damaged badly and patients condition is not optimistic. Creatinine 3.34 signifies that the kidney disease has worsened into stage 3. In this stage,some obvious symptoms and complications will occur,which may accelerate the renal deterioration.

Glomerulus can filter our blood and some waste,toxin,creatinine etc will be excreted. However,when glomerulus is damaged,it can not work regularly and effectively,and then protein way leak out from our body in urine. As the time and disease worsen,the leakage of protein will become worse and worse.

For all of the CKD patients,it is necessary for them to take the time and effective treatments to treat the kidney damage. But actually in Western,doctors may suggest ACEI to control the high blood pressure and the leakage of protein. Besides,if patients condition is severer,patients may need to take Kidney Dialysis to delay the disease process.

If you are interested in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine),we recommend you responsibly to try a kind of conservative therapy to protect your remaining kidney function. It is called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It provides a better choice for every patient to seize the life hope.

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