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Why Does My Skin Feel So Bruised with FSGS

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-05 10:51

Why Does My Skin Feel So Bruised with FSGSIs FSGS painful? Why does my skin feel so bruised with FSGS? This question is proposed by one of our patients. In fact, many other FSGS patients also have a similar problem. If you happens to experience skin bruises, figure out the causes and then receive effective treatment. This is useful to improve your skin condition as well as kidney condition.

Most of FSGS patients who are suffering from skin bruises take steroid therapy such as prednisone. Is this skin problem associated with the use of steroid? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Long-term use of prednisone can cause the decline of cellular immunity and humoral immunity. In this case, when pathogenic bacteria invade the skin or mucous membrane, the immune system is unable to control these pathogenic bacteria effectively. Sometimes, with steroids, the infections that have been managed before are activated again. Finally, these factors can cause damage to skin easily, and then FSGS patients are more likely to have thinning and bruising of skin.

What can we do to solve this skin problem? As it is one side effect of steroid, people who are faced by skin bruises had better reduce the dosage of steroid or even stop it. Here, some alternative treatments may be helpful.

1. Foot Bath: Taking one time of foot bath every week for 20-30 minutes, you can find an obvious improvement of your immunity. This is because foot bath can stimulate blood circulation all over the body and activate immune cells. With strong immunity, you can fight against skin infections powerfully.

2. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Just like prednisone, some Chinese medicines also have the property of inhibiting the kidney inflammation, but the difference is that Chinese medicines have fewer side effects. If you want to control your FSGS effectively without side effects, you can send your test report to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com, doctors of TCM here can give you some alternative medications.

3. Food therapy: To fight against skin infections and boost skin health, food therapy and clean personal hygiene are also necessary. Always make sure your diet and lifestyle changes along with your illness condition.


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