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Swelling in FSGS: Causes and Treatments

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-22 10:57

Swelling in FSGS: Causes and TreatmentsIt is reported that nearly 2/3 of FSGS patients have serious proteinuria and swelling. If you are diagnosed with FSGS kidney disease, you may find swelling appears in legs, ankles, feet, face and eyelid. Find out the causes of swelling in FSGS, and then accept effective treatments.

Firstly, learn about what causes swelling for FSGS patients.

FSGS is one condition where kidney scarrings develop in some glomeruli. Glomeruli, kidney filters, are responsible for filtering out extra fluid and waste products and keeping useful nutritions in the blood. With FSGS, a part of glomeruli can’t do their job properly, so fluid and sodium are more likely to retain in some loose regions including legs, ankles, feet, etc. What’s worse, a large amount of protein will leak from the blood into the body that can lead to low plasma osmotic pressure. This is another cause of swelling.

Secondly, make clear what medications can help ease swelling.

1. Diuretic: It can increase kidney output, so as to take away more fluid and sodium. Besides western medicines, some herbal teas such as nettle leaf tea and dandelion root tea also have the property of diuretics. Therefore, if you have swelling and FSGS, you can choose one herbal tea.

2. ACEi and ARBs: If patients’ swelling is involved in proteinuria and high blood pressure, these medications can help lower high blood pressure and reduce protein leakage, so as to alleviate swelling.

3. Steroids: Steroids have quick and obvious effect on controlling patients FSGS, especially when they have heavy proteinuria. However, it may cause a series of side effects.

Thirdly, learn to develop a correct diet plan.

Besides medications, a healthy diet plan also plays an important role in relief of swelling. Here, there are some suggestions:

- Restrict the intake of fluid and sodium

- Develop a low-protein diet but enough high-quality protein

- Take in enough omega-3 fatty acid that can help protect kidney function

- Eat some foods that have the effect of diuretics, including cranberries, onion, blueberries, etc.

Finally, find out how to repair damaged kidney cells.

Some therapies, such as Medicated Bath, acupuncture, Polluted Blood Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy, have an effect of repairing damaged kidney cells and improving kidney function. As long as kidneys can do their job relatively properly, swelling can be treated completely.


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