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Healthy Diet and Treatments to Bubbles in Urine for FSGS Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-19 11:09

Healthy Diet and Treatments to Bubbles in Urine for FSGS PatientsBubbles in urine can be caused by many underlying conditions, but for FSGS patients, it is more likely to indicate there is protein in urine. As introduced by nephrologists, proteinuria can lead to many other complications or even kidney damage. Therefore, it is a must for FSGS patients to find out healthy diet and treatment to deal with bubbles in urine.

FSGS and bubbles in urine

FSGS is one condition where scarring develops in some glomeruli and part of glomeruli. When glomeruli can’t play their filtration function properly, protein as well as red blood cells may leak into urine easily. According to clinical reports, FSGS is one leading cause of Nephrotic Syndrome, and about 2/3 of FSGS patients have heavy protein and serious swelling. Too much proteinuria goes through glomeruli that can damage glomerular filtration membrane, so as to worsen kidney condition. Therefore, severe proteinuria becomes one indicator for bad FSGS prognosis.

How to treat bubbles in urine for FSGS patients effectively and safely?

Besides medical treatments, healthy diet also plays an important role in managing bubbles in urine for FSGS patients. Kidney experts here give out some advices.

Follow a healthy diet

On one hand, limit the intake of protein especially low-quality protein. On other hand, choose high-quality protein to consume. Fish, milk, egg white, lean meat, etc, may be good sources of protein for FSGS patients. In addition, low-salt, enough omega-3 fatty acid, enough vitamin and some other tips also need to be noticed.

Choose correct medications

To ease FSGS patients’ bubbles in urine, prednisone,cyclophosphamide, CsA, etc, are often prescribed. Some of these patients, especially children, may get complete remission, but quite a number of patients become resistent to steroids or immunosuppressants. In this case, some therapies that can help deal with proteinuria and kidney scarring are needed. TCM and Polluted Blood Therapy can help clear pathogenic substances and repair damaged glomeruli. Finally, protein will be kept in the body and proteinuria is eased radically.

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