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FSGS Prognosis

FSGS prognosis and patients’ life expectancy isn’t as good as we expect. In most cases, FSGS progresses to kidney failure finally.

Can FSGS Be Cured

FSGS (focal segmental glomerulus sclerosis) is a kind of kidney disease, which is a cause of Nephrotic Syndrome and describes scarring in the kidney. When diagnosed with FSGS, you may wonder whether FSGS can be cured or not.Honestly speakin...

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Is FSGS Painful

Is FSGS painful? Many FSGS patients complain of back pain, kidney pain or pain in other regions. Faced with annoying pain, nearly all of them cant help asking whether FSGS kidney disease causes these problems directly. Today, you have get t...

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How To Improve FSGS Prognosis

For patients with FSGS, the most they desire to know may be what the prognosis of FSGS is and how to improve FSGS prognosis. Prognosis is the probable outcome of a disease. Knowing the prognosis may help the patients to make a good preparat...

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