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What Is A Proper Diet For Patients With FSGS

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-16 16:11

What Is A Proper Diet For Patients With FSGSAs we know, kidneys are the excreting organs which have the function of cleaning blood and excreting wastes and toxins from body. But for patients with FSGS, their scarring kidneys cannot do a good job as normal. Therefore, they should pay more attention to what they eat in order to reduce the burden of kidneys. In this article, I will talk about what a proper diet is for patients with FSGS.

Have a proper protein intake

Patients with FSGS often have the symptom of proteinuria, so some patients may think they should take more protein for the supplement of their body. In fact, it’s wrong. Patients with FSGS should limit their protein intake tightly everyday. Taking too much protein will increase the kidney burden and aggravate the damage of kidney function.

Keep proper amount of fluid intake

Because of the retention of fluid and sodium in body, many patients with FSGS often have the symptom of edema and high blood pressure. If they take too much fluid, it will increase the blood volume and elevate the blood pressure further. Thereby, patients with FSGS should limit the fluid intake, and the amount of fluid they can take depends on their edema degree and kidney damage severity, etc. If you want to know exactly about your daily fluid intake, you can mail us by kidney-healthy@hotmail.com, and our professional doctor will give you the best advices.

Low phosphorus and low potassium

For patients with FSGS, their impaired kidneys are not able to remove the phosphorus and potassium which will cause a series of complications. Therefore, they should limit the intake of phosphorus and potassium, and the low phosphorus and low potassium foods will be helpful for their health.

Low fat diet

Patients with FSGS often have the symptom of hyperlipidaemia because of the albumin loss in urine. High fat in blood will increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases which is a major death cause of kidney disease people. So, the patients are often recommended to reduce the animal fat and replace them with vegetable oil.

Above are the general principles of daily dietary for patients with FSGS. Patients should pay more attention for their diet in order to have a better health and improve their illness. But the conditions vary from case to case, so it is necessary for patients with FSGS to talk with their doctors to make an individualized diet plan.



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