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Is Carrot Juice Good for FSGS Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-30 13:34

Is Carrot Juice Good for FSGS PatientsCan people with FSGS kidney disease drink carrot juice? If yes, what health benefits can patients get from this beverage? With these two questions, today, we are here to take FSGS patients to find the answer.

Kidney function and FSGS

Healthy kidneys are remarkable organs that can not only eliminate waste products and extra fluid but also produce some hormone and regulate blood pressure. To make sure kidneys play their function normally, healthy glomeruli and renal tubules are the guarantee.

FSGS is one condition in which kidney scarring appears in part of glomeruli and sometimes renal tubules, so it can affect the normal kidney function largely. In this case, healthy foods including carrot juice can help a lot to fight against FSGS kidney disease.

Health benefits of carrot juice for FSGS patients

Carrot is one nourishing food that contains various nutritions. If you are suffering from FSGS kidney disease, read on to find out what you can get from drinking carrot juice.

1. Boost immune system

Both fresh carrot and carrot juice are rich in beta carotene that is one powerful antioxidant. For people with FSGS, they often take steroids and immunosuppressants to control their illness condition. Both of these medications can lower patients’ immunity, and the deposits of waste products and toxins are also risk factors for immune system. Drinking carrot juice can help them boost their immune system.

2. Regulate blood circulation

When kidneys fail to work, many acid waste products such as urea and uric acid will build up in the blood. If left alone, they may cause acidosis. Alkaline element found commonly in carrot can help neutralize the blood, so as to purify and revitalize the blood.

3. Lower high blood pressure

The potassium in carrot juice can help reduce high blood pressure associated with fluid and sodium retention. However, just because of potassium rich in carrot juice, some FSGS patients should control their intake of carrot when they are tested out high potassium level.

Now, we have had an overview of carrot juice and FSGS. If you still have something unclear about any food, welcome to leave us a message below or send email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com.



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