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Is It OK to Eat Mango for FSGS Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-17 14:45

Is It OK to Eat Mango for FSGS PatientsCan I eat mango if I have FSGS kidney disease? If you have been diagnosed with FSGS, a healthy diet must been recommended by your doctors or dietitian. However, in most cases, they are unable to tell you whether you can consume every kind of fruit, vegetable, grain, dairy product, etc. Today, we are here to talk about whether FSGS patients can eat mango.

How about the answer?

Mango is one common fruit that contains a large amount of fluid, vitamin C, vitamin B6, dietary fiber, copper, potassium, etc. These nutritions just determine whether FSGS patients can consume mango. However, the answer is complex, because patients’ illness conditions change from person to person. For this reason, some patients can eat this fruit, while some other patients can’t. (If you want to make clear whether mango is available for you, you can consult the dietitian online directly.)

If you are permitted to eat mango, you can get benefits from some nutritions.

- Vitamin C: Among these nutritions, vitamin C is great helpful for people with FSGS kidney disease. This is because low immunity and infections usually are problems for FSGS patients, especially when they are taking steroids and immunosuppressants. Vitamin C, one common antioxidant, can help boost patients’ immune system.

- Dietary fiber: It can help improve patients’ digestive system and their appetite quality. If you have constipation, food containing dietary fiber is helpful.

- Potassium: Some FSGS patients have high blood pressure. If you have hypertension but don’t have low potassium level, mango is good for you. It can balance the sodium effect on blood pressure.

If you are recommended to avoid mango, you may have the following conditions.

High blood sugar and high potassium level are two conditions that require FSGS patients to limit the intake of mango. Besides, even though you don’t have these problems, you had better eat moderate amount of mango.


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