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FSGS Diet,Food and Nutrition

If you are suffering from FSGS, you must learn to develop a healthy FSGS diet by selecting right food and nutrition.

Is Carrot Juice Good for FSGS Patients

Can people with FSGS kidney disease drink carrot juice? If yes, what health benefits can patients get from this beverage? With these two questions, today, we are here to take FSGS patients to find the answer. Kidney function and FSGS Health...

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Can I Eat Garlic If I Have FSGS Kidney Disease

Garlic is one condiment that flavors many dishes largely. If you love the taste of garlic but have FSGS kidney disease, you may wonder whether you can eat garlic with this kidney disease. How about the answer. Do you the dietary requirement...

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Is It OK to Eat Mango for FSGS Patients

Can I eat mango if I have FSGS kidney disease? If you have been diagnosed with FSGS, a healthy diet must been recommended by your doctors or dietitian. However, in most cases, they are unable to tell you whether you can consume every kind o...

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Can FSGS Patients Eat Papaya

Can FSGS patients eat papaya? FSGS is one type of kidney disease that can affect both children and adults. If left alone, FSGS may progress into kidney failure. Papaya has the good reputation of the King of fruit that may be a great food fo...

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What Is A Proper Diet For Patients With FSGS

As we know, kidneys are the excreting organs which have the function of cleaning blood and excreting wastes and toxins from body. But for patients with FSGS, their scarring kidneys cannot do a good job as normal. Therefore, they should pay...

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