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When Can Stop Western Medicine in Kidney Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-05-29 16:13

When Can Stop Western Medicine in Kidney Disease,Chinese Medicine“Since I get Chronic Kidney Disease, I have taken so many western medicines. I do not dare to reduce the dosage because I am afraid the disease relapses. When can I stop medicine?”

To be honest, you need to pay great attention to the dosage. If your condition is in stable period, some medicines can be reduced or stopped, but it must be done under the doctor’s guidance.

Which situations you can stop medicine?

1. Pathology is Minimal Change Disease (MCD): In stable period, you can stop immunosuppressor but cannot stop steroid medicines.

2. If you intake some calcium supplement, if the blood calcium level is abnormally high, you need to stop it.

3. In stable condition period, you can stop Jinshuibao Capsule and Corbrin Capsule and others if you intake steroid and immunosuppressor normally.

4. When medicines cause white blood cells reduce, you need to know the medicine catalogue and reduce or stop medicines moderately. If the white blood cells are normal, you can take the normal dosage again. Otherwise, it will cause lower immunity.

5. During the cold and infection, you should pay attention to antibiotics, in case cause acute kidney damage.

Note: As for steroid and immunosuppressor, whether should stop medicine is not only determined by protein. If you want to stop medicines, you should under the monitor of doctor to check your 24hours protein quantity, renal fibrosis and others.

Thus simply intake western medicines can not solve the fundamental kidney problem, that is, it can not repair the kidney damage at all. Chinese medicines are helpful for CKD treatment. Best wishes!

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