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Dialysis Patients Need Nutrition Supplement

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-04-06 16:11

Dialysis Patients Need Nutrition SupplementFor patients need to do Kidney Dialysis,the nutrition supplement is necessary to keep their body in balance and stay healthy. The daily intake of nutrient element should based on the way,times,time of dialysis and the change of disease condition. Here the article may can help you get more information to look after you loved one. ONLINE DOCTOR is convenient to contact to get what you want directly and quickly for free.

In the process of dialysis treatment,patients may lose lots of amino acid, multivitamin and glucose,which need to pay more attention to supplement. There are some suggestions that may can guide you as follows:

1.Supplement protein timely.

If the patients take Kidney Dialysis 3 times a week,the minimum requirement of daily protein is 1.0g/kg,among which,the high quality protein that is rich in amino acid Should account for 50%.

2.Ensure the calories supply.

The supply of calories to patients with hemodialysis (HD) is should b controlled in 126~146 kilojoules (30~35 kilocalories),while the patients with peritoneal dialysis (PD) is 146~188 kilojoules (35~45 kilocalories).

3.Supplement the potassium and sodium salt moderately.

When patients take hemodialysis,the intake of potassium should be based on the serum potassium content,urine volume,the output of potassium in urine and the patients condition. But the specific measures are different according to the patients disease condition.

4.Take proper intake of sugar and fat.

To increase the supply of protein and reduce the sugar and fat intake is beneficial for patients to decrease the blood lipid.

5.Supplement sufficient vitamins.

When patients take dialysis,water soluble vitamin will lost seriously,so it is necessary to supplement the Vitamin B,such as vitamin B1,vitamin B2 and vitamin B6,etc. A healthy diet is good for patients condition that can help them to control and relieve their disease condition.

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May you are healthier.


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