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Can Dialytic Patients with CRF Drink Alcohol?

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-18 19:00

Dialysis is used to instead of part of renal function which is a kind of replace therapy.When patients need to take the dialysis,it means that the patients condition have worsen into stage 3 or be more serious.

The long-term renal lesions may caused CRF.With time and the disease process,the renal function reduces gradually.In addition,when renal function is damaged worse,renal failure may appear,that is,uremia.In stage 3,some obvious symptoms are taking place,such as proteinuria and hematuria. Meanwhile,some minor complications,like jerk,shortness of breath, is occurring.In theory, the efficient timely treatments may cure the patients conditions in this stage or earlier than stage 3.At the same time,the doctor may advise you to take dialysis to control the disease condition.

Alcohol is benefit for our body at the most cases in normal condition except intemperance. However,is it good for dialytic patients with CRF? Can dialytic patients with CRF drink alcohol?

The alcohol damage to dialytic patients is great. It is bad to kidneys and the repair of kidneys.Alcohol will influence the balance of nitrogen,increase the decomposition of protein and the content of urea nitrogen,which will aggravate the renal burden.What’s more,drinking alcohol will destroy the internal environment of patients and can not provide a better surroundings to renal repair.The patients with CRF take the dialysis regularly,and the living quality may be improved greatly.However,the biggest threat to dialytic patients is not the kidney disease itself but the vascular accidents.Only take care to the disease condition can the patients protect themselves best.

The patients taking dialysis regularly could take a glass of(100 ml’small cup) beer or wine.But the blood pressure is must monitored simultaneously.However,the patients should not be used to drinking alcohol and the a lot of alcohol is needed to be avoided.The healthy diet is good for the patients condition,so the diet should also be taken care to.If you still have many problems,you can contact the online doctor or email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com to get more information about yourselves.

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