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Why I Felt Sick and Retching when I Took Dialysis for the First Time?

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-11 15:06

Why I Felt Sick and Retching when I Took Dialysis for the First Time?For most Kidney Disease patients,they had only one option to delay the disease condition and maintain their life. That is dialysis. Many patients are afraid of dialysis especially when they took the dialysis for the first time.

Actually,the first kidney dialysis does have a lot of problems that may cause some side-affects. Nausea and retching are the common side-affects of dialysis particularly on their first dialysis,belonging to Disequilibrium Syndrome (DS).

DS refers to a kind of syndrome with neurological symptoms as the main performance during or after dialysis. The occurrence rate of DS is about 3.4%-20%. Symptoms can be mild, such as anxiety,nausea and emesis,or severe, such as cramp,sleepiness,coma even death.

So why does dialysis cause these symptoms?

The main reason is that dialysis clears small molecules in blood,such as urea nitrogen,etc,causing the decline of osmotic pressure in plasma. At the moment,the urea nitrogen in extravascular tissue or cells still remain,which signifies that the osmotic pressure is higher than it in plasma. Then the water will transfer from the plasma to the cells and tissue,which causing the symptoms of the above.

If this moisture transfer occurs in central nervous system,it may cause the headache,high blood pressure and spasm,etc. Besides,patients may also suffer form the stomachache,arrhythmia and so on.

So for some patients who are the first to take dialysis,something is necessary to do to avoid these situation.

1. For the first time,dialysis time should be reduced to 3 ~ 4 hours.

2. According to patients condition,increasing the osmotic concentration of dialyzate.

3. Ultrafiltration dehydration can not be too much or too fast.

Besides,doctor should pay attention to patients condition to take the specific measures to control the side-affects.

In addition to dialysis,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy provides a better choice for Kidney Disease patients to live a better life with their family.

If you have other questions about dialysis or Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,talk to live doctor or Email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com about your disease condition and we are glad to offer you the more detailed and professional guidance for you timely and freely.

May you are healthier.


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