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Dialysis and Cramp

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-02 15:09

Dialysis and Cramp

A cramp is a sudden strong pain caused by a muscle suddenly contracting. You sometimes get cramps in a muscle after you have been making a physical effort over a long period of time. However,it is not normal when CKD patients are taking the dialysis.

Dialysis is a kind of treatment that can instead of parts of kidney function to keep the water,electrolyte and acid-base balance and limit the disease condition. As a kind of advanced treatment technology,it can control the kidney disease and prolong the life-pan of patients greatly,although it has several severe side-affects.

So why does the dialysis cause the cramp?

Actually,cramp is one common side-affect of dialysis. The occurrence rate of it is about 10%-15% and the lesions often mainly located in gastrocnemius,foot,abdominal muscles or other parts of the upper limb,and so on. In dialysis,decline of blood perfusion in muscle caused by anemia,hypovolemia,and so on,is the main reason of the muscle cramp. In addition, electrolyte disturbance in blood and acid-base imbalance may also lead to the cramp,such as hypokalemia,hypocalcemia,hypomagnesemia,etc.

To treat the cramp,taking the proper treatments is necessary based on the specific causes. 100ml normal saline (NS),hypertonic glucose solution or mannitol solution can control the cramp. Besides,massage on spasmodic position can also relieve the symptom.

However,the cramp is just one of the severe side-affects of CKD. There are also other complications caused by dialysis,like anemia,heart failure,arrhythmia,etc. Some of them may also cause death to patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. So controlling and reducing the side-affects are important to improve the patients condition and protect the remaining healthy.

With less side-affects,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can control the disease condition and relieve the symptom effectively. Moreover,it control the high blood pressure and inflammatory reaction to improve the blood flow and microcirculation,thus to remedy the CKD fundamentally.

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