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Ways to Cleanse Blood Apart from Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-16 10:15

Ways to Cleanse Blood Apart from DialysisWhen kidneys fail to cleanse blood, some replacement therapies are needed to maintain patients’ basic life. Here, you may consider dialysis, because it is one common choice for purifying blood. However, no one wants to live with dialysis treatment unless they have no other options. Fortunately, there are other ways to cleanse blood apart from dialysis.

Firstly, we had better know the intimate link between blood and kidneys.

As we all know, kidneys are responsible for removing extra fluid, metabolic wastes and toxins from blood to maintain normal blood circulation. In return, blood flow can provide enough nutritions and oxygen for kidney inherent cells to guarantee their normal working.

Secondly, learn that most kidney diseases result from abnormal blood circulation.

When the internal environment balance is disturbed, harmful substances will attack the body easily. Most often, blood is firstly affected by these harmful substances. When these harmful substances build up in the kidneys, damage to different regions can cause various kidney diseases. For example, damage to glomerular mesangial cells may cause IgA Nephropathy with recurrent hematuria.

Thirdly, try to find out how dialysis helps cleanse blood.

Dialysis is one blood purification methods that are mainly used to remove extra fluid, small molecular harmful substances and a part of moderate molecular toxins. However, for most moderated and large molecular toxins, dialysis can do nothing. For this reason, the longer patients on dialysis, the more their complications. What’s worse, some patients die even within several months after dialysis.

Finally, we will introduce other ways to cleanse blood apart from dialysis.

1. Blood Purification Therapy: Compared with dialysis, this therapy can cleanse blood more thoroughly with various blood purification methods, such as plasma exchange, immune adsorption, CRRT, hemofiltration, etc.

2. Polluted Blood Therapy: It can not only cleanse blood but also supplement some essential nutritions into blood. After tested again and again, this therapy has been used maturely to treat kidney disease and cleanse blood fundamentally.

Additionally, some other treatments can also help cleanse blood for kidney patients. With doctor’s guidance, we believe most patients can get rid of dialysis successfully. If you need professional advices, you can contact us.


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